For the market research end user who needs assistance in gaining product and market insight or for the sophisticated researcher who needs that occasional resource - Eclectic Insight is a source for customized research services from beginning to end. 

  • Field management - United States and Canada

  • Consulting in project definition and methodology

  • Demographic and sampling expertise

  • Focus group facilitating

  • Focus group transcriptions

  • Open-end editing, coding, and publishing

  • Telephone, qualitative, on-line, B2B, and intercept experience

  • Eagle-eyed proofreading and editing

  • A knowledgeable source for analysts, moderators, data collection providers, and focus group facilities

Data-collection services give Patricia Carr high ratings for her knowledge and high standards - someone who's straightforward but fair.  Clients praise her dedication to customer service and excellence. 


Pat Carr makes sure that our projects proceed without a hitch.  Research end user 


Thank you for your understanding and appreciation of the field.  Data collection manager


Don't ever stop being meticulous.  I appreciate your thoroughness and clients do, too.  Research analyst


Pat is a joy to work with.  We hope she comes back again.  Focus group facility manager


Pat Carr?  She's great!  Research director





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